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Lending Laws of Wyoming

There is no maximum loan amount in Wyoming. Your maximum loan term can be up to one month. There is no minimum loan tem. Keep in mind, you don’t get to set these terms. It is up to your lender to decide how much they are willing to lend you. Then, you get to decide if you want to agree to their terms.

The maximum finance charge is either 20-percent per month or $30, whichever is greater. That means you’ll end up paying the same finance charge for a $100 loan as you would for a $150 loan: $30. But, the APR for these two loans would be quite different. The 14-day APR for a $100 loan in Wyoming would at most be 780-percent. The 14-day APR for a $150 loan would at most be 521-percent.

Wyoming (WY)

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About Wyoming

Most of the state is in the Rocky Mountains, a large mountain range in the United States. Wyoming is the state with the fewest people in the U.S. with 576,412 people. Its capital and biggest city is Cheyenne. It touches Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado.

Wyoming is known for many things including Yellowstone National Park, Cowboys, the Teton Mountains and coal.

Agriculture has always been an important part of the state economy of Wyoming. The main things grown in Wyoming are livestock (beef), hay, sugar beets, grain (wheat and barley), and wool.

In Wyoming, 91% of the land is rural.

The gross state product for Wyoming was $27.4 billion in 2005.

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