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Lending Laws of West Virginia

Payday loans are illegal in the state of West Virginia.

If payday loans are not available where you live, use our West Virginia city pages to help locate a check cashing service and other financial products, if available.

West Virginia (WV)

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About West Virginia

West Virginia is a state in the United States. Its capital and largest city is Charleston. It is often abbreviated W. Va. or simply WV.

West Virginia is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north, by Ohio to the north and west, by Kentucky to the west, by Maryland to the north and east, and by Virginia to the east and south. The Ohio and Potomac Rivers form parts of the boundaries.

West Virginia became a state in 1863.

West Virginia was once a part of Virginia. At the beginning of the American Civil War, Virginia and the other southern states seceded from the United States, which means they chose to not be a part of it anymore. Those in West Virginia who were opposed to slavery were not objecting on moral grounds. They saw it as bad for free labor. While slavery was an issue in other parts of Virginia, in these counties their issues revolved around taxation and being governed from a state capital that was a long way away. The people in Western Virginia had far more in common with their neighboring states of Pennsylvania and Ohio than with the Commonwealth of Virginia. So this was an area of Union support.

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