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Lending Laws of South Dakota

In South Dakota, you can apply for a cash advance of up to $500. The loan term can be as long as you and the lender agree on. Remember, though, the less time it takes you to pay off the loan, the less interest you will end up paying. There is no limit to the finance rates and fees that lenders can charge you.

You can apply for multiple cash advances in South Dakota. There is no set limit. You can extend any one cash advance up to four times, as long as you can pay the outstanding fee each time you rollover. The lender can require you to pay collection fees in the event that you do not pay off your loan. The lender can also pursue criminal action if you default on your loan.

South Dakota (SD)

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About South Dakota

South Dakota became a state on November 2, 1889. Its capital is Pierre and largest city is Sioux Falls. Other important cities are Rapid City and Aberdeen. Famous attractions include Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, and the Wall Drug Store. The Corn Palace is also famous, and it is in Mitchell.

South Dakota is bordered to the north by North Dakota, to the south by Nebraska, to the east by Iowa and Minnesota, and to the west by Wyoming and Montana.

South Dakota can generally be divided into three regions: eastern South Dakota, western South Dakota, and the Black Hills.[13] The Missouri River serves as a boundary in terms of geographic, social, and political differences between eastern and western South Dakota. The geography of the Black Hills, long considered sacred by Native Americans, differs from its surroundings to such an extent it can be considered separate from the rest of western South Dakota. At times the Black Hills are combined with the rest of western South Dakota, and people often refer to the resulting two regions divided by the Missouri River as West River and East River.

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