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Lending Laws of Oregon

Oregon has one of the highest maximum loan amounts in the country. Depending on what you qualify for, you canĀ borrow up to $50,000. You can only be chargedĀ up to 36% interest. Fees max out at $10 for every $100 you borrow, up to $30. You can receive up to a $13 finance charge for a 31-day loan, and up to 156% APR for a 31-day loan.

You are allowed to extend your short-term loan twice, but you must pay off your loan within 60 days. There is no limit to the number of Oregon cash advances you can take out at one time. The lender can charge you one NSF fee of up to $20. You can also be responsible for other bank charges. The lender cannot take criminal action against you.

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About Oregon

Oregon is a state in the United States. Salem is the capital (where most of the state government works), and Portland is the city with the most people. Oregon was the 33rd state to join the United States, in 1859.

Oregon was a long way from the United States of America, which was east of the Mississippi river in the 1830s and 1840s. To get to Oregon, settlers had to cross the Great Plains, which were empty except for a few forts and groups of Native Americans. Most people thought that it was impossible to farm there. They called it the "Great American Desert", because crossing it was long and dangerous; however, thousands did anyway.

Mountain men (people who knew a lot about living in mountainous places) had found a passway over the Rocky Mountains, and they named it the South Pass. This path helped many wagons to reach the west coast. In 1836 a missionary named Marcus Whitman crossed through the pass with his wife to Oregon. This proved that it was possible for others with women and families to go too, and because of this, Oregon suddenly became the place pioneers wanted to make a trip to.

Most of the settlers that came by the Oregon Trail had a very difficult trip. The Trail began in Missouri, and they went in covered wagons pulled by animals like bulls. They could only travel 100 miles in one week, and so the whole trip would take half a year. But still, lots of pioneers traveled so much that it is still possible to see the wagon ruts in some places today.

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