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Lending Laws of Michigan

The maximum loan amount for cash advances in Michigan is $600. The loan term can be a maximum of 31 days. There is no minimum term. The maximum finance charges are 15-percent of the first $100 you borrow; then 14-percent of the second $100, 13-percent of the third $100, 12-percent of the fourth $100, and 11-percent of the fifth $100 – plus a database verification fee. That means for a 14-day, $100 loan, your finance charge would be at most $15, plus the database verification fee.

You can take out more than one cash advance in Michigan, but you can only take out one loan per lender. If you can’t pay off your loan by the end of the loan term, you’ll only be allowed to extend your loan if your particular lender does not charge a fee for said extension. Where applicable, your lender is allowed to charge you one $25 NSF fee. Your lender is not allowed to pursue criminal action against you.

Michigan (MI)

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About Michigan

Michigan is the 11th largest state in the United States. It is made up of two peninsulas (connected by the Mackinac Bridge). It borders the U.S. states of Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, and Illinois. Its borders with Minnesota and Illinois are only by water. It also borders Canada by water. It was the 26th state to join the union on January 26, 1837.

Michigan is noted as the place where many automobiles were made, and it still shows today. Michigan is 50% forest, which makes it very useful to the lumber industry. It also borders four of the Great Lakes, which are some of the largest reservoirs of fresh water in the world. Lake Superior is the largest body of freshwater in the world.

The capital city of Michigan is Lansing, and large cities include Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Saginaw. Marquette is the largest city in the Upper Peninsula.

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