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Lending Laws of Idaho

When receiving a cash advance in Idaho, the maximum loan amount is $1,000. The amount a lender chooses to offer you can vary, but you’ll never be able to borrow more than $1,000 at one time in Idaho. From there, most of the laws and restrictions found in other states are unspecified in Idaho. For example, there are no limitations on the loan term, maximum finance rate, and maximum fees for cash advances in Idaho.

You are limited to three rollovers in Idaho, but you’ll need to check your specific loan agreement to determine the loan term that you will be extending. Though, ideally, you should be able to pay off your loan before you would need to take advantage of a rollover option.

Lenders in Idaho can charge a $20 NSF collection fee. They cannot, however, pursue criminal action against you for defaulting on your loan.

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About Idaho

Idaho is a state in the United States. Its capital and biggest city is Boise. Idaho became a state in 1890. Its current Governor is Butch Otter. It is the 11th largest state in land area, and the 14th largest in total area (land and water). The population of Idaho is estimated at 1,523,816 by the United States Census Bureau in 2008.

Idaho is bordered by Washington and Oregon on the west, Montana and Wyoming on the east, Utah and Nevada on the south and the country of Canada (British Columbia) on the north side. The climate in Idaho can sometimes be hot, reaching up to 100 °F. Humidity is normally low with cooler evenings in summer months. In winter, temperatures normally drop to lower twenty's, upper teens. Sometimes, the temperature drops to several degrees below zero.

Idaho's state motto is Esto perpetua. This is Latin for "Let it be forever".

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